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Cinavia message code 3 Fix – How to bypass cinavia message code 1,2 & 3 ?

Cinavia message code 3

Typical on-screen message:

“Audio outputs temporarily muted. Do not adjust the playback volume. The content being played is protected by Cinavia™
and is not authorized for playback on this device. For more information, see Message Code 3.”

Typical front panel message:

“Cinavia™ playback restriction (3)”


The audio track of the video that you are playing contains a Cinavia code indicating that it is an unauthorized copy of professionally produced content.


If the video that you are playing is a professionally produced video (such as a movie or television show), you will need to obtain a copy that was made with the permission of the copyright owner.

If the video that you are playing is a home movie or other personal recording that includes some professionally produced content (including the audio track of a professionally produced video), to play your recording without muting you may either:

  • Pause the video, wait 30 seconds for the audio to be un-muted, then skip over those portions where the professionally produced material is used and continue playing the rest of the video, or
  • Pause the video, wait 30 seconds for the audio to be un-muted, then play video from a different optical disc for at least 10 minutes before continuing playback of this video.

For information on how this professionally produced content can be included in your home movies or other personal recordings in a way that will not be limited by Blu-ray Disc players, see Guidelines for Use of Content in Home Movies.

Are you irritated with the annoying error messages of Cinavia while watching movies on your PS3 and looking for a Fix for removing annoyed popup notices while watching movies on your PS3(PlayStation 3 console). Don’t worry you have came to right place and we have an Official Fix for you. Now you will have no any need to look around and searching for this problem again and again as we have got a permanent solution for you.


How to fix cinavia message code 3? 

For those who don’t know what exactly Cinavia is, Cinavia is a copy management system designed by Verance latest re-developed in 2009 for the protection of Audiovisual (Movies and Videos) and integrated into new popular hardware players by 2012.
As per latest Statistics <of March 2012 Cinavia comes with more advance Watermarking and steganography technology which comes with a very unique set of artificial intelligence coding to detect watermarks in almost all latest popular Hardware players such as PS3(PlayStation 3 console) as well as in newer blu-ray players.Update – In this August month, just few days ago – a new update has arrived for Cinavia which has more advance set of artificial intelligence to detect watermarks and shows error messages which leads to annoying stop and play pop up error messages.

How to overcome Cinavia message code 3 Problem?  Permanent Fix Guide

Bypass Cinavia PS3 2015

The Software which we are going to show you comes with Lifetime updates and will protect you from all updated (August 2013) Cinavia errors for the lifetime by providing your all latest Cinavia PS3 FIX.
With just a Click of a button, Cinavia PS3 Fix guarantees you to remove all the error messages permanently while you are watching movies. Cinavia PS3 solution supports all of the movie formats which you play on your Play Station3 such as –MKV, MOV, FLV, MP4, DivX, AVI, MPG, DV and much more.
Which type of Error Cinavia Fix remove from your Movies?
Basically, Cinavia PS3 100% error removal – one click fix is designed for removing 4 most common Errors which are –Message Code 1: Playback stopped Shown when theater- or hotel-distributed audio content is being played back on a consumer playback device.Message Code 2: Copying stopped Shown when theatre- or hotel-distributed audio content is being recorded by a consumer recording device.

Message Code 3: Audio muted Shown when consumer-sold audio content is being played back from an optical disc, without the matching AACS key present at the centre of the disc.

Message Code 4: Copying stopped Shown when consumer-sold audio content is being recorded by a consumer recording device.

Message Code Source: Wikipedia

So, what you are looking for Go and Just have a look at 100% error removal software and fully enjoy movies in your PlayStation 3 console.  Still have any Doubt – Just drop us a mail – we will contact you.

Bypass Cinavia PS3 2015

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